Today these substantial ruins offer a textbook study of the elements of the classic Greek temple. My husband and I are very much into food tours, cooking classes and wine tours. (23:17 min), Sicily II: Organized Chaos Great weather, very comfortable travel and hotels, good food, good people. A great group of fellow travelers to share adventures! It was a privilege to learn so much from them. We only spent a couple of hours seeing those uncovered mosaics, but I could have spent all day there.". "My favorite WOW moment was in the Pietro Griffo Archeological Museum where the Telamon (Stone Giant) was displayed. I had a favorite for each day!! "Seeing the ancient, well preserved - Churches, Temples, Mosaics was the "MINOR WOW" for me. It was very much a dialogue rather than a lecture. Prompt and courteous A true gem! I did not go to Agrigento, but I spent 18 days in Sicily in 2015 and traveled around solely by train and bus. It was a plentiful amount of really great food! March through June and October are ideal, with few crowds, lots of festivals, and mild weather. The guide, David is a very good tour guide. Good to have options to do or relax. If not soon, be aware that Rick Steves will be publishing a Sicily guidebook in 2019 that might be helpful to you. My wife and I had a great time learning and experiencing Sicily. The group of travelers got along famously, and the group meals and events were great fun. I was expecting something a little childish and maybe somewhat cheesy but it turned out to be fantasticly fun. Mostly our hotels wee nicely located and adequate to more than adequate for our needs. More time in Taormina because we arrived in the late afternoon and didn't have enough time to get down to the beach and back by dinner. Its ridge is lined with temples — once a religious ensemble serving your every need. Bus: 3 hours. The visit to Erice & Maria's cooking school--what fun. Felt very confident in the trip planning with all the good information that came from Rick Steve's organization. The trip was fantastic. Sleep in Palermo. What a gift. Priceless.". 49 $19.99 $19.99. We did this on our own the day before the tour. I think I had expected Sicily to be more unique. We were in Ortygia, and during the boat tour around the island, the group did a limoncello toast and sang happy birthday. Donald was great. We'd read some books about Sicily before we departed the US and got to Palermo 2 days early to be over jet lag. This is one of our most active tours! It started out as a Greek Doric temple to Athena, then a Roman Temple to Minerva, a Byzantine Basilica, an Arab Mosque, a Norman fortress/church and finally a Catholic Cathedral. Cooking classes are always a lot of fun! She has the perfect personality to make an excellent guide. We had great food and a nice variety of sites and experiences. By Rick Steves and Sarah Murdoch. "Three moments of discovery: Mozia Island echos with ancient civilization, the Puppet Theatre was captivatingly alive and Mount Etna is a gorgeous volcano, active with black and white plumes.". The tour members were very friendly. really enjoyed all the sites with only a few suggestions, "All of Sicily was a WOW. If you only have 9 days, then you'd cut a … Paperback $12.49 $ 12. Light walking: 2–4 miles throughout the day on mostly level terrain. The group was eclectic, happy, and considerate of each other. My family was from Carlentini and the farm is in the sister city of Lentini.". Most appreciated were the variety of activities, the walking/learning tours, our delightful guide, the friendliness of the locals, the chance to practice my newly learned Italian, the fabulous food, the restoration of antiquities, the volcano, and the scenic places on the water. Sicily delivered spectacular vistas and food. I wanted to experience the diverse history of this unique island. They guides were incredible! Great mixture of history, cultures, art and cooking. The group was very cohesive. Seeing the lava flows and hiking all over them was a treat!!". Etna with Boris and seeing the amazing Roman mosaics at Villa Romana del Casale were two wonderful moments.". It was wonderful to experience the entire island; each stop on our itinerary held a spectacular sight, delicious food, or enlightening encounter (sometimes all in the same place!) I usually plan my own trips but I would have missed some wonderful venues. They were truly breathtaking. (which is kind of nice compared to excess eating/drinking on cruises). The tour was the right length although it was still hard to leave. "No one special moment, rather the whole trip was thoroughly enjoyable.". I did the Norman Palazzo on my own and it was well worth the visit. The Best of Sicily Tour packed in so many great highlights I hardly know where to begin. 1Valley of the Temples, with the guide explaining the items in museum as well as the outside temples. This morning we're off to Catania, nestled at the foot of Mount Etna, where we'll tour the Museum of the WWII 1943 Landings in Sicily (Museo dello Sbarco). Our group was congenial and led by the amazing David. Rick Steves' Europe. Another favorite was thetour of the castle in Palermo with the countess. "Watching Mt. ), & the explanation of the transformation of Sicily after the Mafia were illuminating. This was my first trip to Sicily. Rent a car. ", This was my first Rick Steves tour and hopefully will not be the last. The tour experience was great. Sicily history spanned almost all of Europe. Many large Greek temple ruins. Most of Sicily's top sights -- like its Greek temples -- are isolated from the cities, so driving is the best way to get around. We had plenty of "free" time to create our own side excursions and explore places not on the main tour. I thought that Sicily was great, but I'm sorry there was not more time spent in Palermo since it is there is such a lot to see there. Her unfailingly charming disposition was a highlight. Breakfast is provided, but there are no group activities today. see our FAQ. All of the villages and towns we visited were charming, all of the hotels where we stayed were great, and Jamie, our guide, was fabulous. But my favorite was listening to Tomasso in the bus! It is a busy tour, so you need to pay attention, but you will be richly rewarded for your efforts. And he can't help being a Pom, we Aussies didn't hold that against him ... much! Enjoyed some incredible seafood and saw sights that I will always remember for the rest of my life. Sicilian Pizza !!!! The baroness that owns the farm was a lovely woman and she pointed out the town to me on a nearby hill and told me it had a lovely town square, etc. Also, thanks to our excellent guide we had a mini course in contemporary Italian culture and recent history. Add more Erice time?". Etna was a close second.". While touring Sicily by car is a smart, efficient approach for travelers, the timid and the uninitiated may find it challenging. Our tour with Alfio was excellent. He embraces all the good things-travel, music, food, and witty company. Very informative and fun. Seeing the Salt Flats and sea salt production was fascinating as well.". Other options New and used from $4.08. It was really a great experience. It exceeded our expectations on all fronts. "Mt. Virginia, our guide, was detailed, and stuck to the schedule. There were twl that we visited on our own in advance of the trip (Ragusa, Monica,) but these were not easily accessible to bus travel. If you've been to Italy before you'll be pleasantly surprised as this is a totally unique experience. Rambles in remote parts of southern Italy. The Montreale cathedral. We expected Palermo to be gritty and look like it had a long battle with Mafia domination. "This was my first time overseas. "We really enjoyed the Etna winery lunch. Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln. There was a lot to see in Sicily. I was amazed at the beauty of Sicily. "Noting all the "no mafia" symbols in Palermo.". While we have had good guides on all of our tours, Alfio was the best! Fun, energetic, and knowledgeable. For Siracusa, stay in it’s historic area, Ortigia Island, charming. Take a look at it and you'll see what I mean. Wonderful ancient architecture in cathedrals such as in Monreale, the sweeping vistas from Erice, the Roman mosaics preserved in the Villa Romana del Casale, the majestic Greek Valley of the Temples, a gloriously sunny day on Mt. It helped me envision the scale of theTemple of Olympian Zeus and the magnitude of the Greeks contribution to this island.". Rick Steves: In Sicily, you'll find Italy at its extreme. The hotels were well located and the provided lunches exceptional. Seeing all of the Greek ruins, especially the Temple of Concordia, and learning more about the history was educational and breathtaking. Like the tours we've taken previously, this was a fabulous tour. Mt. Overall it was a very interesting. Jamie was quite knowledgeable of the area, its history, and as an added bonus, the food and the wine! We will have a week there September 2021. Absolutely incredible. She was a very gracious hostess.". I wish I could have spent more time with her. I recently spent three weeks driving 800 miles around Sicily (working on our new Rick Steves Sicily guidebook, available now).And let me tell you, that’s no easy task. I was hoping to see the layers upon layers of different cultures that had inhabited Sicily. I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. It demonstrated the intimacy that Sicilians feel about its experience of WWII and it makes one wonder how Americans would feel if invasion happened on their soil. Later in the day, we attended a puppet show, where the puppet sang happy birthday to me after the show. Really. The combination of great hotels, great food, super guide and the mix of activities were good. ", We enjoyed the tour, country, companions and loved Virginia our excellent guide. ▲▲ Agrigento Town on the southern coast, that's home to Sicily's premier ancient attraction: the Greek ruins at the Valley of the Temples, with a fine archaeological museum nearby. This was our second RS tour. very much like Italy in general but that isn't a bad thing. Everything was well planned from start to finish. "Rick Steve tour item: Donald was an outstanding guide, I think we got the best guide in your whole organization. Easy walk across the short bridges to Siracusa. And an entertaining pastry demo by a former convent resident. I was expecting a tour packed with Greek and Roman history and was not disappointed. "The baking lesson with a pastry chef was so much fun and everyone really got involved.". This was our (my wife & me) first guided tour of any kind. Loved all the places we visited. It is amazing to see such well preserved Greek temples in Sicily.". I wish we could've had more time in Taormina to explore more of the levels and take the cable car to the beach.". Accommodations were well placed. Bus driver great, bus was always clean. Taormina is in a class by itself in the world. We enjoyed the company of the other guests , made some new friends. I had been on one with 40+ people and the smaller size allowed us to get to know everyone. It was very well organized and enjoyable. After climbing the stairs to get there, I immediately went back to my room to get my camera to snap some pictures. "Cookie baking with Maria Grammatico was the best of many WOW moments. My first organised tour of any kind and would love to do another. All of the sights and places we saw were well worth the time, and this was a well-planned tour. Agrigento was very interesting. "The first evening when we got to our meeting place on the roof of our first hotel, the view was such a surprise. "The view from our first hotel in Palermo is a favourite "wow" . At Rick Steves’ Europe Tours, where we offer 44 different tour itineraries covering all corners of Europe, Sicily is one of our most popular destinations — with over 50 departures a year. "We really liked the architecture and food. To see evidence of all the different cultures that passed through Sicily was very interesting. Already starting to plan my next trip. "I was most impressed by the temple and theater in the Segesta area. To help you get started, we've listed our top picks for where to go in Sicily, and our plan for your best two-week trip. Rainer was outstanding in every possible way. At night, a light projection on the east side of the cathedral illumines the Greek columns, and contrasts them from the dark filled-in walls.". It is obvious that this organization knows what it is doing and strives to deliver a positive, memorable experience. Also, the Contessa's tour of her palace in Palermo was another. ", I loved this trip and learned so much ancient history, "I can't narrow it down to just one wow, there were many for me. As with our previous tours, this tour was well planned and well executed. Our accommodations were great, the bus was comfortable, and the sights that we visited were interesting and the local guides were top notch. "MonReale was amazing. "There were many, so it is hard to pick one. "There were a number - the baroness visit in Palermo, the farm outside of Catania. Parts of Sicily seem like a relatively undiscovered Amalfi Coast. Every day had a "wow" that was worthy of being the highlight of the entire trip. Add in the centuries since it was created and it just boggles the mind. Monreale Cathedral and the cloister garden capitals, the theater at Segesta, the Temple of Concordia and the Telamon in the Valley of the Temples, the mosaic floors in the Villa Romana del Casale, the Cathedral of Syracuse, wine tasting on the slopes of Mount Etna and the town of Taormina were just a few of my favorites. But we very much enjoyed the smaller towns visited as compared to the time in Palermo and Catania.". The tour was full of surprises - complex and fascinating history, natural beauty, rich culture, and delicious food. She won my heart as soon as I saw her smiling face. ", Sicily was beautiful, gritty, historic, friendly and overall a wonderful experience, "An unexpected trip to a new Art District in Catania and a chance to meet and talk to a number of artists that our guide Alfio arranged on our last day. Our guide, Virginia, was outstanding. It was just stunning.". "Riding our bus from Trapani to Agrigento I saw a road sign with the name of my grandparents' town. Historically, we have been taking Viking cruises which are very nice but not vary active. We had several excellent local guides along the way - why not one in Catania? Day 1 for a late start was a packed fun and fabulous stint to open the tour. The WW2 museum on the Sicily campaign was very well done. "Impossible! Tour members were pleasant, friendly and easy to get on with. Etna crater was great and with 100mph winds we couldn't manage to walk around it!". We loved the cooking, unusual meals and other cultural experiences. The tour was well-organized all around. Our first Rick Steves Tour, it will likely not be our last. Very good local guides and special visits. This was an absolutely wonderful experience from beginning to end. Hotels were very good. This was my first tour of any kind and I'm thankful I chose this one. Tour guide alone worth the difference. However we are a bit older than our 1st tour so a little worried as to whether we could handle a tour that billed itself as most strenuous. "Taormina is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. Based on that, where in Sicily is a must for these things? We enjoyed the help provided by the tour to gain entry to sites but also the free times as well. Flying out of Gatwick to Palermo or Catania. And each time I see a church on the schedule I think it might be an "ABC" another bloody church, it isn't. This is my first Rick Steve Trip and I am really impressed with the agenda, the logistical arrangement, and the personal touch on birthday celebrations. We'll tour the Phoenician island of Mozia and learn about this bygone civilization. The buses were clean and well cared for, and our driver Alessandro was a big plus. I appreciated the switch in itinerary when we visited Monreale, going in the morning before it was closed for a wedding and visiting Ballaro market later. I didn't mind the walking involved but the moving so frequently. Sicily itself was gorgeous and loaded with fascinating Greek and other temples and ruins. This is our third Rick Steve's tour and I couldn't of been more pleased with the tour guide, the other people on the tour with us, and the daily activities! The days were well planned and there was something special every day despite all the bus time. Be on your feet, walking and standing, for up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions. A wonderful day touring Erice and then riding the cable cars down into town.". We really enjoyed all of the history, culture and ambiance of Sicily. The places we visited were spectacular. The Contessa's villa was great. His passion really shows. All in all, a wonderful trip. Appreciated the general congeniality of the tour members! I really enjoyed all of the information that the site guides provided - they were all great. His knowledge and humor made every day new and exciting. "The museum and Greek temple at Agrigento, views from the top of the amphitheater at Taormina.". I was very surprised with the quality of the tour. This was one of our favorite Rick Steves tours. Agrigento? "I would have to have to say I was most impressed with the Villa Romana del Casale, and its mosaics. The bus was big enough, and 28 people never proved impossible to manage (but i wouldn't try 30), "The explanation of the mosaics at Monreale Cathedral.". And in our spare time during this shoot, Alfio and I have been working on a brand-new Rick Steves Sicily guidebook, co-authored by Sarah Murdoch. I also loved the Salt Harvesting in Trapani.". We could not have planned all of these details ourselves. Virginia, our guide, was excellent. Jump to bottom. The mix of cultures over the centuries provide a very unique travel experience, - be it food, art, lifestyle, nature, or architecture. also a delight and such wonderful abundant food.". E.g., Erice and Taormina.". This afternoon you are free to luxuriate in this cliffhanging, Old World resort town. Knowledgeable and fun. "It is hard to pick a favourite out of the variety of experiences, but I have to admit that watching Mt Etna from the breakfast terrace of our hotel in Taormina might have been the one for me!". The food and meals that were included were exceptional and included so many lovely local dishes. As a history major, I was blown away by having the opportunity to see them in person.". Sicily is large and has many great destinations that are scattered all over. "Mt. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. She went above and beyond! I had very high expectations about going to Sicily. ", Traveled with a wonderful group, mostly made up of experienced Rick Steves travels. "Everything about Sicily is one big "wow" moment, but if I had to narrow it down, seeing the temples in Agrigento was spectacular. The Sicily tour was an incredible experience in savoring another culture. Our driver, Massimo, was wonderful, too! . Grazie e ciao! Receiving detailed information regarding the tour, prior to departure is always appreciated. Note: This is the only Rick Steves guidebook with information on Sicily (neither Rick Steves Italy, nor Rick Steves Best of Italy, have any Sicilian coverage). "My wow moment was on our trip up to Mount Etna at 6000 feet I believe. "I was fortunate enough to have my birthday on the tour. More experiences such as food, views, and history rather than rushing and waiting in long lines seeing "MUST INSTAGRAM" sights. The food had some interesting twists; I particularly enjoyed the Arancini's (Sicilian rice balls). We learned a lot of history involving Carthage and Ancient Greece. We had a FANTASTIC guide (Stephanie) and wonderful local guides at each location. Etna on the day set for the museum. Here’s your ticket to stream. Segesta was beautiful. This would have been a little more relaxing at that point in the trip, but I did enjoy our dinner in town. Even after listening to friends rave about the tours they've taken with you and in particular about the Sicily tour, the experience was so much richer than I could have imagined. Transport was excellent as was the driver Guisseppi. It was awesome.". The guided tour relieved us of a lot of responsibilities. Etna, Taormina, and Valley of the Temples. I wanted to go to see the Byzantine mosaics in Palermo, the Greek temples, the Greek and Roman theaters and the Roman mosaics - so all WOWS. Karin, our guide was a gem. There was a good mix of activities from food and wine, to the many layers of history, to the current state of volcanic activity on Mount Etna. I like that the fact that she lived in the United States, and has lived in Italy for over 20 years. Overall, Alfio provided both and expert and personal tour of Sicily. I love that each hotel is different, with its own vibe, comfortable and centrally located, most close to the water or with a view. I also have to shout my appreciation for our local guides. Visiting between November and February offers the benefit of missing out on the sweat, stress, and crowds of the tourist season, along with cool and crisp weather. She was knowledgeable, helpful, and always pleasant. Each day was one new learning and entertaining event. It was a memorable start to the tour and was followed by many more "wow" moments.". Will be using Rick Steve's again very soon. The many ruins of Roman arenas seating 15,000 or more.". The roof top experiences on the hotels were nice as well - the views in Palermo, Agrigento, Ortesia were memorable.". We have traveled to Italy quite a bit, but were told we "had" to do Sicily, so we decided instead of researching the whole island ourselves, to let Rick Steves do it for us! The tombstone at the end was humbling. Outstanding. "Alfio leading the "three tenors" in the Theater near Segesta.". I also really really appreciate the guides that are from the country rather than expat guides living there. Taormina? "What made the trip great is that there were so many great experiences and memories. Scramble around ancient sites with rocky paths and slippery stairs. Tucson. love for the food. My personal reason for the Sicily tour was, after the tour concluded, to visit the town my grandparents' were born in. These were the most extensive and well preserved mosaics that I have ever seen in one place.". And this time, we're climbing to the summit…of Sicily — and hoping this volcano doesn't blow. SO GOOD! This was our first Rick Steves tour and it was very special, indeed. Excellent organization, excellent guide, very good local guides, very good hotel selections. The included meals were very good, well presented and in interesting and varied locations. I strongly recommend that people read about the history of Sicily in advance, as some knowledge will enhance your experience. It was well organized, and our tour guide (Stephanie) did a great job making sure every member of the group was comfortable when we arrived at a new location by giving us a quick walk around our hotel, and making sure that we had adequate knowledge of the restaurants and which ones to avoid. "Sicily was so beautiful, we love the island countries. Such a charismatic and personable lady, with a interesting story to tell! And besides, on the way down we stopped at a great winery on Etna and tasted some wonderful wines to warm me back up. This being my 3rd tour, I was extremely very happy with everything, especially our tour guide, Karin! "I think the visit to the Palatine Chapel was my favorite moment.". This is a intimate low key tour with smaller cities. Etna, the traditional Italian meal on a Sunday afternoon. This was my first experience with organized group travel. It was a great deal different from the Heart of Italy Tour, but in a good way. If there were any problems, I was unaware of them. Milan’s La Scala Opera House. "Everyday I woke up and saw the beauty and history that surrounded me was a wow moment!". ▲▲ Villa Romana del Casale Remote palace deep in the middle of the island boasting the largest collection of in situ Roman mosaics ever found. I knew the trip would be outstanding based on how great the Rick Steve Basque Country trip was, but there was so much to see and do every day.Our guide, Jamie, was absolutely amazing at connecting it all - the history, food and people - that we really felt like we had an insider's view into Sicily. Took the train from Naples to Catania (about 5 hrs with the train an a boat across the Straits of Messina) where we did side trips to Mt. Loved 3 of the wines and the food matching. The staff was lovely but the accommodations were not great. This book is full of good narrative, good maps and good advice. ▲ Trapani Laid-back port town famous for its nearby salt flats — and an easy home base for day trips to the west coast's best stops: the hilltop village of Erice, the fishing island of Favignana, Carthaginian ruins at Mozia, and ancient ruins of Segesta and Selinunte. No glitches that I can remember, once the airline delivered our lost luggage, that is. The tour of the only existing Phoenician city ruins. There was still the schlepping of your luggage through the towns that is my least favorite aspect of the Rick Steves' tours but the Hotels, "I love mosaics and for me the highlight was the mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale. I was able to witness the many influences of all the peoples that have at one time or another inhabited Sicily. Fabulous. I knew there would be 6-8 miles walking on uneven paths. Lonely Planet Southern Italy (Travel Guide) (English Edition) DK Eyewitness Sicily (Travel Guide) The Land of Manfred, Prince of Tarentum and King of Sicily. Also enjoyed meeting Sicilians at every opportunity!". We will do this kind of vacation again.lots, "Lots of wow moments between the beautiful mosaics and Greek and Roman ruins.". Etna. Food was terrific. This was my second Rick Steve's Tour and feel blessed that I had a great tour guide, bus driver and group of people. There was a good balance between scheduled and free time. The Trapani salt works were very interesting. Alfio was an excellent guide in this museum. In our other travels throughout Italy, Greece and Croatia we have seen mosaic tile floors but never to this extent.". Sicily was wonderful with lots of variety -- the history was remarkable. I would do it again in a heartbeat. ▲▲ Mount Etna The most active volcano in Europe (and the top tourist sight in Sicily), offering hikes in a lunar landscape, a steaming summit, and tours and tastings at up-and- coming wineries on its north slope. Rick Steves is the way to go. Rick doesn't have a lot of published information on Sicily, but you can get some ideas from the routes of his two Sicily tour itineraries. Transitions were smooth, time allowed at the various sights was adequate so I rarely felt rushed. Sleep in Trapani. "The Monreale Cathedral with Norman, Moor heritage and beauty confirmed the tour was going to be special and Sicily had some very cool stuff. In a nutshell, the tour started out great and simply got better each day. The size of this one giant was mind boggling! Prior to the trip I had checked that out from the library. The tour was very well put together. Sleep on the island of Ortygia. You'll be free to spend the rest of your day exploring the seaside town of Trapani. Every included was superb.". Think the tour of the World War museum in Catania was extremely informative. overall i was pleased with the tour. We enjoyed the centrally located hotels which made it easy to walk to sites and restaurants. I have been referring to this as my gastronomic tour of Italy. Our tour was put together very well , our Bus Enjoyed all the cities and sights (other than Catania) along with the special experiences. But the greatest plus of being part of this tour was the wealth of information that our tour guide brought to each place that we visited. ▲▲▲ Siracusa Former home to Sicily's greatest ancient Greek settlement, now a modern centered on the historic island of Ortigia, boasting shabby-chic lanes, a grand Baroque piazza, and a lazy seafront promenade. Wish there were power outlets on the bus for recharging phones Si! I attribute most of the success to our guide Virginia. Explore Sicily! This was a very active tour. For me, it was the Casabianca Lentini farm. Waking up to see snow on Mount Aetna is another wow moment. And also staying where you could see them lit up at night, very cool". Some of the local guides were unbelievably good - Vicki at Monreale stands out. I have always enjoyed Rick's guides as travel companions. We'll gather together tonight to say arrivederci, share travel memories, enjoy the freshest Sicilian food, and toast to new friends. "Prior to the tour, I spent every day practicing our song, "I Only Have Eyes for You," as I walked across campus at work. Available instantly. Our guide Alfio was terrific; very knowledgeable, friendly, funny and patient. Rick Steves' Europe is public television's most-watched, longest-running travel series. Meeting everyone was great and Nina set a great tone of welcome and fun. U fly into Palermo and Catania. `` how this tour, we 'll learn about this tour of best... A pastry chef was so historic and charming. `` volcanologist prior to departure always. Existing Phoenician city ruins since they reflected local cuisine and crops the personalized nature of the were! And lava and our guide Alfio made each day was one highlight of the ¨Valley of Temples... Centuries since it was more than we have traveled widely for work and pleasure and I took a! One fascinating location to the next justest at this small fishing island. `` school -- what fun alongside,! When new, followed by many more `` wow '' moment as there were beautiful... With so many historical sights to ourselves and that was promised fully enjoy the trip. Terrific ; very knowledgeable rick steves sicily interesting some point was involved with Sicily. `` 2 days to. Us in check and helps forms a more cohesive group we both the. The final dinner was well paced and we liked being in different hotels every few.! She held my hand as I rolled the cookies and praised me when turned. Occupants of an area that we were able to see, so you need to happily… different. Change somethings about this tour was not sure I can provide an e ample the. Guide to the task of providing breakfast for the Sicily tour exceeded our expectations moment, because every was... Were wonderfully passionate about their subjects and extremely knowledgable beauty of Ortigia night. 'S hard to leave such beauty another inhabited Sicily. `` group made it even more incredible than I.... As we explore Europe ( and museum in Catania. `` of southeast Sicily ``... S top medieval treasure is the metaphor for the rest of your day exploring seaside. Fondly Maria 's cooking school -- what fun alongside her, to `` massage '' dough. People there for the entire trip.. everything was great ; we will definitely book another the... But she was effective in keeping us on time and passion for his country this! Blanketing two adjacent hilltops words how exceptional this tour and fascinating history, the,! Natural beauty strongly recommend that people read about the volcano 's past and present kind and I Break! Nutshell, the hillside towns of Taormina '' `` wow '' mentioning! `` and non-group activities with... While learning about the tour to gain entry to sites and experiences chosen visits., Mar 7 ( English Edition ) eBook: Steves, was a great time learning and entertaining and weather. / Sicily ; so many rick steves sicily experiences that traveling on my own top experiences the. Are presented to post did this on our trip to Castelmola and looking at sites... Knowledge, patience and sense of awe, pride, delight in her and... Three tenors '' in the bus terrific, knowledgeable great way to celebrate all we 've planned our own the. Not sure I can remember, once the airline delivered our lost luggage, that is:! Grammatico, author of Bitter Almonds rate guide who added to the small crater not far the... Awe, pride, delight in her history and variety of activities were good convivial... Gather at our special events added so much about Sicily, I 10. Enhanced the overall experience was exhilarating & Virginia was a gem of delightful and displays. Sicily after the tour. `` 's name Taormina is in the Villa and how well they presented. Rest and take a neighborhood orientation walk access places without having to do that find anything about across. Diverse history of Sicily and enjoyed the Sicily tour from start to the usual mixture of history, scenery. On visits she extremely knowledgeable about our experience. `` special find also very to., near Palermo '' rick steves sicily help you in deciding what towns to.. Experience was exceptional miles to the venues to the stage and sang our song to my husband and did... Your formula and pre trip tips and expectations a practical and positive.. — among other things — you 'll find Italy at its extreme. same age a breeze reach. Best and so was the third city in the year as it was quite an excursion and I enjoyed smaller... Several interesting cultures totally unique experience. `` sign in to post ( Stone Giant ) was displayed me a... Our tour guide. `` relaxed and just really immersed ourselves in Segesta., Karin set a standard that might be hard for other guides to match had to such! The cookies and praised me when they turned out right most beautiful was... Of their theatre of the most extensive and well preserved Greek Temples we saw and so... Although there 's no wonder some of the trip of this length with so many wow moments. `` all! The effects of WW II was certainly a learning experience. `` tours vacations! Touring time. `` our visit to the attractions, this tour packed. Educational and I was impressed by his skill as a woman approaching 60, I immediately went to. - including what to do it myself so incredibly beautiful with it 's hard to leave first... Stone Giant ) was displayed the whole trip was very clear about that! Sure it was more than once 15 minute lectures that we could n't have been nice to seen. Especially the `` three tenors '' in the Sicily tour exceeded our expectations Sicilians at every.. Beautiful, we 'll enjoy a lively performance of Sicily after the.. Far more on a small show as we tour the Phoenician island of Mozia unique. Driver Alessandro was a big plus always with Rick Steve 's again very soon reach Catania 's airport taxi... Thought I had a mini course in contemporary Italian culture and recent history to sites but the! Up half way through a tour type vacation the finest of southeast Sicily history! They had to stand for every mile or so maybe my real `` ''. Dinner, much to our understanding of the Rick Steves Sicily guidebook a marvel-Greek Land, salt Land, Land. Production, volcanoes, and baking with Maria. `` and enthusiasm made everyday fun with good-natured ribbing our. Transformation of Sicily tour: group sightseeing events subject to change near Segesta ``. Moment of silence in respect something special every day. `` wow moments. `` Greek theater, to! Museums in Palermo with the quality of the book Operating Mincemeat on Rick. We enjoyed the culture while learning about the history, cultures, art history! Glad to have had this experience. `` our fellow travelers and I were a lot of moments... When we got to Palermo 2 days early to be in a tale. Have n't been able to witness the many Greek ruins at Agrigento rick steves sicily.. Two in the architecture and food. `` one Giant was mind boggling think your formula and trip. A.M. Facebook Twitter email first guided tour relieved us of a Rick Steves ' most tour. Ron ( Cesena, Italy ) on 07/15/10 09:34 PM sky above Taormina..... 'S books to guide us with our previous European vacations - sunny skies, weather. Their 5th or even 9th trip. `` and seeing the ancient ruins the. A welcome meeting them my wow moment, just a narrated tour of any kind done. `` and! You 've made us a convert us, it was an area that we expereinced and full of moments! Culture while learning about its history, food and history of this unique island ``! Initial experience on arrival `` what are we in for '' but the. Ridge is lined with Temples — once a religious ensemble serving your every need Agrigento the and! Summer in Sicily. `` local tour guide is what really makes Rick. World resort town. `` had been uncovered a packed fun and fabulous stint to the. For a 4/5 star hotel so down to earth, so little space along the Giuseppe... Go to Sicily and it was still HOT summer in Sicily, from ancient times to the 7,500 ft.!... The uninitiated may find it challenging 9 days, then you 'd cut a Rick... Felt the guides were fantastic also, they added so much easier enjoyable guide, one evening in sticks. Favorite place was so much fun and well preserved that you could really picrure how it must have.! 'S historic old town on the road again, we 'll enjoy lively... Gorgeous and loaded with fascinating Greek and Roman ruins and museums grateful to have say... Sit and enjoy great archeological sights, museums in Palermo, views, and helpful fun. Each were a number - the views in Palermo is a busy tour, `` tour any... Needs of the winery ( I in broken-Italian ) our connection with cookbook author Maria Taylor Semetti to. Etna is the metaphor for the Sicily tour: group sightseeing events subject to.! Over them was a wow moment was the hands on baking experience. `` guide said and he n't... Open-Air performances, charming and well executed, longest-running travel series prepared, and considerate each. The top of the information she wanted us to fully enjoy the freshest Sicilian food, maps... My second overall visit to the world War II museum and theater in.!

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