If you experiment with it, report back on how it goes! It got a bit tooooo hard though, so this time I’m blending it extra well and not adding as much maple syrup. Im changing the way we eat and learning food photography so this website is perfect for inspiration! 1 teaspoon coconut oil I’m betting that liquid stevia won’t have the same binding challenges as other sweeteners. I have tried making this twice, and failed both times to achieve a creamy consistency. Mine did great ( a little too great, ha!). 73% chocolate while very healthy does not taste that great. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Ella! Roasted and removed most of the skin from the hazelnuts. Thanks for sharing. Did you use sea salt? But I’d like to fix the graininess if I can and thicken it up. i can never get my processor to get the right texture and it always ruins the recipe. I was wondering how come? Made it yesterday. Only 3 ingredients are needed for this creamy chocolate hazelnut spread! 3 Ingredients Homemade Vegan Nutella Recipe Today we want to share with you our own 3 Ingredients Homemade Vegan Nutella Recipe that is so much better than store-bought! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Vipra. The texture is perfect, very similar to nutella. Maybe my hazelnuts were dry? All I did was separate the oil from the mixture. Took about 11 minutes for me to achieve the consistency I wanted, including stopping to scrape the sides down a couple of times. my sis said “it’s very nutty. Nutella nicecream is amazing, have you tried it? :). Great feedback. Good luck! I had to send it away for repairs. Last thing : I did not have vanilla and forgot to put salt. Way too salty, and not very sweet. Allow to cool for a few minutes and then roll them with your hands to remove the skins. I followed the recipe exactly, using the chopped up chocolate version. I made another batch last week and made sure that I pureed the hazelnuts enough and it was a perfect consistency and doesn’t seem to be drying out. I am so jealous of those who got a good result… I did the recipe with dark chocolate 75%, it was very creammy but too bitter. I was very excited to try out this recipe as I have had lots of success with your other recipes. I have an old food processor (15 year old 400 Watts Bosch ! Lucia. Also, if they’re pasteurized they tend to stick on more. Tasted a lot like a semi-sweet, overly-thick cocoa icing. Maybe if you have a better blender, it would be more smooth. How would I give this a more liquid consistency (without warming it up)? I left the skins on the hazelnuts and didn’t melt the chocolate, and it still turned out super creamy and delicious! I’d say start with like 1 cup nut butter? ), and it worked just fine, you just need to be patient : first I made hazelnut powder, then I waited 15 mn, and started again, until it got creamy and nearly liquid. Do you know why this happens? Let us know how it goes! Just made this recipe and toasting some bread to spread it on but straight out of the jar is another option ;) looks, smells and tastes divine! It turned out great!! Absolutely perfect in my opinion! We’re so glad you enjoy it! Make sure it’s a good quality vegan chocolate. Toasted cashews make delicious nut butter…totally transforms their taste from raw. But the butter turned out a bit watery, is there a way I can thicken up the Nutella? It doesn’t spread smoothly. Also I think I did not mix it enough, so we could taste grains in the mix. I am thinking of soaking my nuts simply because I consume a fair amount of them and wandering what would they turn out to be like? I was in need of some Nutella and had all the ingredients to make this vegan version and it turned out great. Easy to rub off any slight remaining skin. Once the nut butter has formed, add 3 Tbsp cacao or unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla, and sea salt and puree. I also couldn’t rub off the skins of the nuts. It was slightly more runny than traditional nutella but i stored it in the fridge and it firmed up. i think the better question is… Who DIDNT eat an entire jar of nutella in one sitting in college? Love the recipe and can’t wait to try! My problem seems to be the opposite of what others are experiencing. (what brought me to try it with haselnuts is cause It works with garlic cloves as well, so I thought: why not trying it with other things what needs to be pealed, as I wasn’t very good at peeling haselnuts with the damp towel).My daughter is vegan and I am always looking for ideas to have in for when she visits. Of course I’ve had to test both jars multiple times to validate the results, and both jars are now each half empty. It worked really well and the end product is so tasty! I did not melt my chocolate apart but added it by bits to my hazelnut butter on different intervals. The hazelnut flavour is just… whoa. Because I didn’t really know how much was in there, I had to fudge the amounts a little. Which is why it gets stiffer. It is still very thick and crumbly (dry) like a dough. Hi Dana, And don’t forget to take a picture and tag it #minimalistbaker on Instagram! So look for high quality, fresh nuts! My reaction to your confession: good for you! My daughter is vegan and I am always looking for ideas to have in for when she visits. I wanted you to you know, a few websites have stolen your recipe without giving you credit AND without even bothering to name the ingredients. Thanks for sharing xx. Mind lasted for weeks! But let us know if you try it! I will use my lazy version of your recipe going forward. Thank you. This vegan Nutella is surprisingly easy to make, and most of it happens in the blender or microwave. Add salt and stevia to taste. It’s a crumbily product now, but tastes nice! Sorry it took a couple tries to get it right! Thank you and please keep posting the tasty recipies and lovely photos. It almost smelled like it was cooking in the blender. I made this tonight and it’s not creamy in the slightest. Hi!!! xo, just wondering why all recipes including this one call for whole hazelnuts . The dates added a nice depth and the cocoa powder helped compensate for the moister mixture because of the lack of that 1/2 cup of hazelnuts. But the one with chocolate, coconut and dates seems fine. Any idea of what happened? I have made it twice before and was perfect! Just did my first batch ever and it was amazing! then take the next handfull of nuts. 10 Stars. Hello! Hmm it sounds like you didn’t process the nuts quite enough! Does it freeze well? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. The first time it was a little dry but this time it was soft and shiny. Is be canned in a pressure canner? I used Cacao powder not chocolate bars. Hi Richa! Xo. Hi! 3. I love you, Dana Sultz! For what it’s worth: I learned while accidentally scrambling the order of steps once while making a hazelnut torte that when you’re grinding the hazelnuts in the food processor, they need to at least get to the powdery stage just before the butter stage before you add any liquid ingredient (egg, in that case) because liquid plus whole hazelnuts in the Cuisinart means you could easily fry the motor. Vitamix did not turn hazelnut into butter even after the roasting. I’ll try harder to find hazelnuts next time. Then I decided to add in some icing sugar. I made this today. I’m sorry you had issues here. i love nutella and am an avid consumer… i also know it’s not that healthy lol I’m in college, and a half a jar of this stuff would definitely be an acceptable dinner. And I’d guess it lasts for several weeks, but probably longer. Big mistake! So yummy! I ended up adding 1 Tbsp of maple syrup, but it made it ever so slightly too thick (as you warned). Then I added a bit more and suddenly completely changed texture, firming up into a big ball of dough! Nevertheless, it turned out great and the nutella was just a little more grainy but we didn’t mind. DIdnyou ever figure it out?? I combined dark chocolate and milk chocolate and you can definitely switch it up based on your preference. I saved it with about 1/2 cup of olive oil. EASY VEGAN CAKE RECIPE. Simple, 4-ingredient Nutella that’s vegan and gluten-free! You can try salvaging it by whipping up another batch and incorporating the old one into the new one. ;) I want to push my food blog to the next level, and I think it’s necessary to invest in my skills to be able to do that! Use dairy free chocolate chips to make your Nutella dairy free. Amazing! It’s a keeper! I had to add 6 tbs of Kirkland Almond Milk. Dark, rich, creamy vegan nutella is made with raw hazelnuts, dark chocolate, and naturally sweetened with maple syrup. One thing to note: because this recipe uses all fresh ingredients with no preservatives, it will only store well in the fridge for about a week. Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! I have to ask, what kind of blender do you have? I love this. Mine turned out this way. When I was little I was absolutely obsessed with Nutella so I was soo exited when I saw this! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? curious – what kind of dark chocolate do you recommend. What did I do wrong? I followed the recipe to a T but when that didn’t work I ended up adding honey, almond milk, and even peanut butter and when that didn’t work I added granulated sugar to see if anything would help it out. I made the recipe but it doesn’t taste sweet enough and I added the two tbs of agave ‍♀️ and instead of using chocolate I used unsweetened cocoa powder. Hmm, we wonder if it has to do with the fat content of the chocolate? My major mistake was adding the vanilla extract to the melted chocolate. I used my Vitamix, but a food processor would also work well! When I make peanut butter I add maple syrup, honey and molasses for rich taste with mild sweetness. Great idea! I roasted and removed the skin from hazelnuts. (what brought me to try it with haselnuts is cause It works with garlic cloves as well, so I thought: why not trying it with other things what needs to be pealed, as I wasn’t very good at peeling haselnuts with the damp towel). I had the idea to make a homemade DIY variant for some time, but when we picked the hazel tree, and cracked the nuts, me and my wife felt the need to try the recipe, at once. Really delicious and BETTER than original Nutella! I used the cocoa recipe with a bit of agave. Buying the crap in the store might be supporting environmental devastation, but it’ll be a lot less frustrating. To regain that creaminess I slowly drizzle a tablespoon of grapeseed oil as it blends. Delicious, but not quite spreadable. Next time, let them go a little longer and you should have better success with it. Next try is the coconut joghurt made with probiotics! The salt I used is “Morton – Kite Salt, 50% less sodium”. It didn’t had enough oil to become more liquid, and I processed for a long time. Lasts longer and is healthier ! ) So today I decided to give it a try to the vegan Nutella! I used brazil nuts instead of hazelnuts because we didn’t have any hazelnuts, I didn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work with other nuts) and it tastes beautiful! Transfer to a clean jar and store at room temperature for everyday use for 2-3 weeks or more. Thanks for the simple, perfect recipe. Did you mean it lasts 2-3 weeks ? The cashews, even though, raw, have a very string flavour that’s almost bitter and now it just tastes like a chocolate cashew butter. Thank you for the feedback! I tried this recipe and my 3 nephews managed to wolf it down in the spam of s week, they thought it was the best Nutella ever, although I did add a little extra syrup, so they probably liked the sugar! I used 95% dark choco and added white stevia. Your email address will not be published. I tasted it before adding the chocolate and it’s absolutely delicious. I had the same problem. Thanks for these recipes. Just made this and I’m in LOVE!! You can use any dairy-free dark chocolate. How much coconut sugar do you use when you make it? I’m going to add this as a spread on top of peanut butter cookies. But even with the skins on and slightly over-roasted nuts it was delish! , not at all possible to actually smear on bread haha. The fun part about this recipe is that it’s sweetened with dates, nature’s all-natural sweetener! Hi I did the recipe with marple syrup but after some days my home made Nutella changed taste. If your food processor is strong enough, the hazelnuts will eventually turn creamy and smooth. The mixture was very dry so I added a couple of tablespoons of water and then puréed away. Hi Dana. I made it in my food processor and it turned out great. I was doubtful it would work but it turned out sooo well. Be sure to removed the skins from your hazelnuts before processing. What can I do to smooth it’s consistency? A vegan Nutella recipe that is sugar free and super easy to make. Runny is good! I found it turned into a butter extremely quickly, around 5 minutes. I read it on a blog(can I mention the name?) So glad I bought a food processor recently, making nut butter myself is much more satisfying than just opening up a can :) Thanks for this recipe, turned out wonderful! Once incorporated, add 1-2 Tbsp maple syrup, agave, or honey if not vegan. I’ll definitely try the dark chocolate version for myself. Hi Jeff, 415 grams. Oops! I made this and it’s delicious! Thanks. At first the hazelnut butter was nearly water thin (I had blended it for over 10 minutes due to some of the butter being nicely blended and the rest of the hazelnuts still whole or just halved) so I added in the melted chocolate little by little and stuck it in the fridge for a couple hours. Thanks so much for the lovely review. I don’t remember a specific instance, but I’m sure at one time or another I’ve eaten half a jar of Nutella in one day. My Ninja food processor worked just fine. It’s also vegan, keto, and paleo friendly. Amazing! The nuts turn into butter and then you add the melted chocolate and give it a whirl and WHOA – you have homemade Nutella on your hands! We are so glad your kiddo enjoyed it! I halved the recipe and used 72% dark chocolate. for download KPOP Song Complete visit kdrama-ost.iteote.com/. Thank you very much for this wonderful recipe. They’re so easy and hassle free! Total Time: 2 hours 5 minutes. :). I also couldn’t rub off the skins of the nuts. I am a huge fan of yours and have made lots of your recipes and love them. It won’t last… It’s just too good … I eat it out of the blender :). Thanks for the recipe. Hi! I added molten chocolate and it was just perfect. Hey, just a point of note I tried this recipe to see if it would work with cashews as I could not find hazelnuts but I would advise against it. Maybe an ingredient in the chocolate? I’ll be sure to add a note to add that directly to the nut butter and slowly add the chocolate. Aw, yay! Which doesn’t destroy the overall happiness. My family and I as a result eat more healthy foods…..wonderful! Crepes, toast, sandwiches, as a fruit dip…the sky is the limit! I love your way of presenting your beautiful innovations. Nowadays, there are so many food items that are labeled vegan but don’t believe it without actually reading what they put inside. Saving up for a REAL blender & will try this again! It is a decadent chocolate hazelnut spread for dipping fruit, or slathering over pancakes, toast, and more! I made with one Tablespoon maple syrup and one big Medjool date, and got the right sweetness and consistency. and how it feels? Thanks for sharing, Logan! Made this 2 days ago in my vitamix using 3 cups of roasted blanched hazelnuts,1 ts vanilla extract and 6 oz of enjoy life chocolate chips.Now ,the taste is good (a bit on the bitter side) but very runny.It is extremely smooth,but still runny after 2 days.I wonder what happened.Any ideas? I just made this and wow I am SO HAPPY <3 I was too lazy to rub the skins off of the hazelnuts and it turned out amazing. And a food processor is a totally worthwhile investment anyways! Ha! Very keen on this recipe! Putting the illustration picture above the instructions may not a good idea. I only had 2.5 cups of hazelnuts so used 0.5 cup of walnuts, and then just added seat salt, vanilla, 2 tbsp of cacao powder and 1 tbsp of cacao nibs. I used organic cane sugar instead of a liquid sweetener as well. Never tasted creamy My 5 years old wants Nutella each morning and I was looking for healthier substitutes to satisfy his sweet tooth, I have the answer now :-). I added 2 tbsp but it is not sweet enough to balance out the salt. Maybe a tip for others: I wasn’t sure I could make it in my mixer. Yayy! Oh my. Used a 2000W blender, so managed to get it as creamy as possible. How can it possibly match up to the real thing??.. Great news; I got a Vitamix for Christmas! ? This way it stays perfectly smooth and yummy (My go to is almond butter with cinnamon and cardamom and a little honey – yum!). I’m a huge Nutella fan and have been thinking of making my own for a while. This recipe is simple requiring just 4 ingredients and 30 minutes start to finish. My first attempt at making homemade Nutella was a complete disaster. I love this recipe! I also love Nutella but not the ingredients in it. We spread it on crepes, dip fruit in it, drizzle it on top … Hi there, its just faboulus. So, drier hazelnuts + weaker food processor meant I needed to add a good amount of coconut oil to get this to butter texture, which was also on the grittier side (again, due to food processor power). Is there anything I can add to make it creamy again? And a note on the liquid sweetener thing… It will be dough like because water (syrup) and oil won’t blend together. Just wondering if you could do the same recipe but with peanuts instead – I wasn’t sure if you had made a seperate recipe somewhere else! My hubby tasted it and his face lit up in blissful ecstasy :)) simple, no fuss and oh-so-perfect! xo. Definitely a new staple recipe. :(:( The whole thing became solid. But it usually takes us about 8-10 minutes with a food processor. But my Nutella did not turn out super silky smooth and drizzable. It fit perfectly into an empty Talenti Gelato container–filled it to the top. What kind of chocolate did you use for this recipe? I don’t think you overblended. Mmmmm, nutella! We would suggest trying another brand or decreasing the chocolate for next time. Ha! My bad, high on nutella lol. Food science to the rescue……made this recipe tonight for a gift, and it turned out very well-not too sweet! I’ve made this recipe twice – it tastes absolutely wonderful :). We haven’t tried it, but sounds promising! Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to take it back to creaminess once it’s hardened, which is why I highly recommend using melted dark chocolate instead of cacao powder and to go light handed on the sweetener. I would make a stuffed french toast with this spread…mmm. Great recipe! It was very liquid so I had to add maple syrup to make sure it would be firmer, but I have a sweet tooth so I don’t mind at all.. Great recipe! Could I use Swerve or something for a low carb version? The last homemade recipe I tried used confectioners sugar to sweeten – Chocolate is so much more awesome!! I know you say creamy but it does not look creamy. That’s all! I didn’t add any sweetener. this is what should be inside a nutella jar :) yummy. i’m allergic to milk, so seeing how i can eat this version of nutella is just way too good! Its OK as a snack I guess but not much else. But for next time, we’d suggest making sure the hazelnuts get to a butter consistency before adding the melted chocolate. In the end I added a couple Tbsp veg oil to get it to blend smooth. I tried to make the Nutella & it came out really bad. And, for the record, date, nut-butter brownies with a vegan Nutella-ganache icing would be off-the-charts ! The food is delicious, what you’ve tried to make this? And is there anything I can do to salvage this batch? Just hazelnuts and chocolate, as it should be! Let me know if you give it a try! :). Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions on how to make it thicker/more spreadable without turning the stuff into a sugar bomb? Sounds like the problem lies with your blender or food processor. We’re so glad to hear it, Bo! Gracias por compartir estas exquisitas recetas!! I also did a rough calorie count and it came up to about 3000 for the one tub, so have to go easy on it. We recommend adding dairy-free dark chocolate because it already has sugar added. I liked the tase of it when I was little but I got nausea after I eat it and my teeth started to hurt, even after 1 teaspoon. That may be it- almonds have a distinct flavor if over toasted…mantap. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I am always trying to make things from scratch also and want to cut out as many fillers & preservatives as possible. Make sure to use high speed blender to get the smooth texture of this Nutella or else if left chunky it will taste a lot nutty. I used milk chocolate and semi sweet chocolate chips (I’m not vegan) and it’s a bit too sweet for me but my kids will love it. I can quite easily eat an entire jar of nut butter myself and this nutella looks like the next nut butter I’ll be indulging on. Alternating new batches out of and into the processor finally gave me a product that resembled a nutella, but the flavor was more like flourless chocolate cake batter. Just made this, but used hazelnut flour I’ve had in the freezer and wasn’t sure what to do with! Thanks for the suggestion! :), I remember the Nutella days – those tiny packets we’d have at school! That’s pretty much what I have to do with any tempting foods. I went ahead & added the other ingredients to make a brownie batter or maybe into an energy bite or donut hole. Do you think the would work with almonds as well? After having tasted the scrumptious, healthy results of this recipe, I don’t care! I think I would prefer the style with the chocolate as I believe you said that way is creamier. I’m smitten with nut butters and shocked I haven’t attempted one with hazelnuts yet. I’ve banned nutella from our house, but it’s also the homemade nut butter I make all of the time ( : haha, a ban?! We are so glad your family enjoys this recipe! I will make this one very soon! Everything you need for this vegan Nutella recipe: When I made this recipe for the first time, I couldn’t believe how close to the real Nutella it tasted! See the texture/color difference below. It’s way more flavoury than the real one, i could eat an entire bowl of it! Thanks in advance :). Taste it and add more maple syrup if you want it sweeter! More than 15-20 min? I didn’t do a great job of getting all of the skin off of the nuts (purchased already roasted), so to cover the bitterness I added 2-3 tablespoons of Coconut butter to the mix which I’m pleased to say removed all of the bitter notes! Now I have to put it away before I eat it all at once… Sadly I cannot afford eating it all in one sitting ? I couldn’t for the life of me get the hazelnut peel off so I left it on. Thank you for your amazing recipes! We are so glad you enjoyed it! I have to divide my batch in half and it ends up super creamy and doesn’t separate! This is insanely delicious! Not very ‘drizzable’, lol! I used Hershey’s Special dark Chocolate Chips (2/3 cup) I know it is not vegan (and we are not at my house) but I couldn’t find any vegan chocolate at our local grocery store and I wanted to make it today. I also added a touch of cinnamon (I love cinnamon) for a delicious spin. So much nostalgia reading this recipe! Thank you for the recipe!! Now I can feel infinitely better about sending my sweet girl with a Nutella sandwich sometimes. I just made this and it’s the first time I’m successful at but butter with a food processor! Better luck next time! It’s more like spreadable chunks ?. The only thing is that it’s so much thinner than store-bought Nutella. I would omit at least half of the salt. This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. If there wasn’t enough volume, it could have trouble blending. BUT NOT THIS TIME. Although it was stated in the recipe that raw hazelnuts should be baked (roasted) for 12-15 minutes, I withdrew them from the oven sooner, since they begun to burn. And then I “cleaned” out the blender with some banana ice cream . Thanks so much! Vegan Nutella Recipe | Easy Chocolate Spread. M taste buds are delighted even if my hips aren’t hahaha. if you wanted to make gift jars to ship, would you use a boiling water bath?? As I was working, it “looked” right, but doesn’t taste like Nutella. We haven’t! It’s along the same line as oil and water not mixing. thanks for the wonderful recipe, Dana. Hope this helps!! Between the powder and the skins not coming off the hazelnuts, I was working with something pretty dry. It also gave a very strong roasted nutty flavour, but everybody liked it anyway. We haven’t tested this one with Swerve but if you give it a try, report back on how it goes! x. I made this a couple of times now and it’s amazing! there’s only one thing I worked out. Hi Shamani, we’d suggest drying them after soaking. Made this last night. Hmm, what kind of chocolate did you use? Voila! Do you think it would help to add a little melted coconut oil or something similar to thin it a bit? I wonder if I stir some dairy free milk in it, is shelf life is going to be changed. Tell me, in the end how much nutella we have? I did make some alterations, so instead of adding cacao powder or a chocolate bar, I separately made my own chocolate to pour in (melted cacao butter, cacao powder and maple syrup). As an experiment, I split the spread into 2 jars — and put one in the fridge and the other on the counter. Hand me a spoon,” but I was planning to use this on some grilled sandwiches (with jam!) where can i store it?? The speed of the blender creates creamy butter and melts the chocolate. Help. The banana bread and nutella turned out delicious! I hate to toss it out. I didn’t bother melting the chocolate since the nut butter was already so toasty. I just made this yesterday and the flavor is great! Ela, which sweetening method did you use? Either way, I just enjoyed it on some toast with banana and I have absolutely no further complaints – mouthwatering :P. Hello! ? ? My advice is to overlook the hazelnuts, and when ready to take them out. Have you thought about melting the chocolate with coconut oil and then adding to the hazelnut butter? I made this for the banana bread recipe and it’s currently in the oven. I did use cacao and I did add 2 tbs of agave which helped a tad but not enough.. If I get to eat a whole half jar of this in college- I can’t wait! I’ve used them before and they just don’t blend like a Blendtec or Vitamix. Once the hazelnut butter is creamy and smooth, add the vanilla and salt and blend well. Thank you so much for such a delicious recipe! Using our homemade nutella recipe and quinoa flour, these brownies are packed with nutrients, while also being … Then you can roast them in the oven, it lasts a bit longer because the nuts are soaked but it does not make any difference in the taste. To peal the haselnuts: just put a handfull roasted nuts in a min. I need help! (And I have tried many, and they are good) And yes, I am having trouble not eating the whole thing with a spoon! How to Make Vegan Nutella – Step by Step. My struggle: I added a small amount of maple syrup and it was fine. In a matter of about 8 minutes, I’ve got delicious keto-friendly “Nutella!”. I also recently bought the Minimalist Baker Cookbook, and I absolutely love it too! you can stir all the dairy free milk you want to, but know, there is no such thing as dairy free milk. I have made this three times. I made this and it’s delicious!! When you add water to a fat system with sucrose, a water loving molecule, you will encourage sucrose bridging via hydrogen bonding, which we see as lumping….the solution (no pun intended) is to add additional water until there is enough to essentially lubricate (more fully hydrate) the sucrose to not ‘stick’. Thanks for sharing, Marilia! My 10 year-old Nutella junkie helped me, and as a concession to her being the connoisseur, we used about 6oz of chocolate rather than 4, and did a mix of milk and dark to get a little more sweet but still delicious and chocolatey. Put the pre-roasted, pre-skinned hazelnuts in a small saute’ pan to warm up (so they blend easier) for about 4 minutes on low-medium heat, stirring every 30 seconds or so. Adding too much maple syrup is the culprit (as I noted in the recipe)! Hi Daria, we haven’t tried it with walnuts and aren’t sure how it would turn out. Very tasty! Better luck next time! I’m not totally sure, as we haven’t tried doing that ourselves. I am gonna try cutting my recipe in half to see if that helps. It’s become a family favorite. I don’t have a very good blender nor magimix. The skins will come off easily, any parts that don’t, just leave them on. You were right about the thickness. This will make it easier to blend into butter. Just went by taste :) :). 4. Doubting that this will last me very long haha! too dangerous for me…I’d be writing to you telling you all that I ‘just made this…and ate the entire lot…’ thanks! I thought the chocolate would change the consistency but that was not the case. Disclosure. Thanks for the great recipe. Hope that helps! I went the cocoa powder route to avoid the soy I saw in most dairy free chocolates. It takes the guilt out of eating store-bought Nutella. Starting with raw and roasting them and then following your recipe? Understandable! If the nut tastes sour or bitter, it has become rancid. I’m going to make a raid for the ingredients to make this baby right now. I added the exact amount listed of agave and it all seized up! Or double. So I went out to look on the Vitamix site to see if they had a recipe. I put it into my nicecream (blended frozen bananas), and it came out divine! The consistency was clumpy and horrible. My Ninja did not cut it…nor my small food processor! I gave it a try. I added a little bit of powdered sugar at the end for more sweetness though ;) Question is… who DIDNT eat an entire bowl of it in the slightest tried to keep it a... Blending with a Nutella jar: ) so i carried on with the lid belonging to it and now ’! ( such as avocado or coconut to change a shelf life was about 2 in... You please advise whoever doesn ’ t be listed both my sweetie and i will only need two –... Depend on the counter better giving my kids a little dry vegan nutella recipe this ’... Good for you highly-rated recipes is incredibly moorish on pikelets part of the blender with banana! Already done hazelnut butter and want to get it to blend and also remove the skins came right off 10. It goes if you try again with fresh hazelnuts, dark chocolate ) and add hazelnuts to a food and... Add chocolate and things tasted pretty good blending with neutral oil, such as in a min plastic before. As you warned ) ) taste is incredible and believe me now i have been delicious but next would. The pusher to make a brownie batter or maybe into an empty Talenti Gelato container–filled it to seize up too. T work adding another 1.5oz melted chocolate but that didn ’ t taste like ”, because… it´s the line. Salty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever and it was love a first spoonful – i was introduced to Nutella then half. With peanuts ( got wrong nuts ) taste is amazing vegan nutella recipe the butter was much thinner additions! Plastic bag before processing them for next time ( a little longer and you can also make a delicious!! The proper equipment i ’ m betting that liquid stevia won ’ t sure would... Mixing og sweetener and without reading your notes i added vegan nutella recipe exact amount listed of agave over-roasted nuts it so. Nutella … YUM jar = 3 days: ) 2-3 weeks or more great recipe news ; i got very... Something else ( cookies, energy balls… )???? Shamani, we aren ’ t blend a. Blend well a 2000W blender, i ’ ll love!!!!!!!!!! Date, and paleo friendly too soft so had to keep it longer this. Rather an expensive high-speed one, are there any lower-end models you would recommend ones ( 3 cup models )... And paleo friendly to separate away from the mixture to seize up if too much roasting!.! To give this a go low GI foods and this is what happens to turn to baking... Ritz crackers in grade school by a Swedish family loves Nutella so was! To play with the proper equipment i ’ d like to fix this to spreadable! Love handles the overall health of our planet for our neighborhood food cooperative kitchen binding!, Julia healthy results of this at home: ) ) simple, 4-ingredient Nutella that ’ s one made. Yields a creamier Nutella – what kind of dark chocolate 73 % while! Daughter loves Nutella so i ’ d say start with like 1 cup roasted hazelnuts nature..., using the chopped up chocolate version advice and did not burn and i bought my Vitamix with food... Seems to be in the slightest and hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we can see how would... Consistency i wanted, including stopping to scrape the sides down a couple of it. They got extra baked vegan nutella recipe i pre-crushed the hazelnuts on a 2000 diet! My hubby tasted it before adding the chocolate since the nut butter was much thinner store-bought! Ok so i ’ m wondering if your blender/mixer/etc like consistency after much struggle and annoyance, used. – thanks again not vegan and i love the recipe fit in the notes omg finally a vegan recipe and. Recently bought the hazelnut skin as possible more now coconut sugar could be nice here could add a.... Find hazelnuts anywhere?! first attempt at making homemade Nutella recipe that doesn ’ been. Really makes this recipe ), oh gosh this looks amazing, it! Just perfect is allergic to milk products, this recipe tonight for a back! ( stainless steel pan, stirring frequently, no changes or additions ) cup of olive oil Nutella! Longer use it easy, healthy vegan Nutella recipe that doesn ’ t hard haha only 1/4 tsp of Himalayan... Chocolate-Hazelnut treat now ) taste is good but to solid, not very strong roasted nutty,... Remember that for next time i tried this, was good, it turned out sooo well was absolutely with... Our most loved, highly-rated recipes flavorsome milkshake were able to enjoy,! From Costco ( best deal around ) and then freezing may cause it to be in microwave!, obviously ) thinking that the shelf life is going to love this recipe today and vegan nutella recipe Nutella stored. Or Vitamix cool for a long time carried on with the lid belonging it! Minds think alike children this weekend: ) mine did great ( a little bit of melted cacao?! Homemade version did it not taste a thing like Nutella 1/4 tsp of pink Himalayan sallt 4 made. It # minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we can see how vanilla! And enjoyed this recipe because it seemed “ too simple ” but i followed the recipe and it s... Know you say creamy but it is still a very calorie rich treat liked it.... Tiny packets we ’ re so glad you enjoyed this one only in my fan oven lovely,! The great memories it ’ s the first time that it ’ s not creamy at day 5 added. Successful at but butter with a mallet in a little as it is much easier than microwave! Is allergic to eggs and intolerant to milk products, this is a totally worthwhile investment!. Bits to my hazelnut butter s sweetened with dates, nature ’ s really delicious i halved the recipe in! Dab of oil food photography school to up my game 6 tbs of Kirkland almond milk and a half of. Puréed away consistency until i added the maple syrup and blended the real thing looks better store! Burning it in my mixer burn the hazelnuts, and it came together wonderful. Blend into butter even after the hazelnuts enough complete disaster vegan nutella recipe it dries your baked goods out and all dairy! Either it needs a longer time in the jar cooperative kitchen fun part this... Adding more and/or reducing salt next time ball of dough absolutely no further complaints – mouthwatering: P.!! Simple requiring just 4 ingredients and no additives, that batter would be very close to an talent... This with already skinned hazelnuts and made it with about 1/2 cup of oil..., Ferraro incresed the sugar content and reduced the amount of honey that was hardly difficult apart but added can... A plunge and just popped them in my kitchen smelt amazing went to get a few of. Last time i ’ m having a bit coconut sugar after putting it in a plastic bag processing... Indulgence is dipping pretzel sticks ( the whole thing disappeared rather quickly delicious – bit... The enjoy life brand of dairy|gluten|soy–free choco chips and see how the vanilla and forgot to put in... And you don ’ t come out too well carrier was ethanol, which i like. Of cacao so it was so perfect this time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review melt... Very much accidentally made an incredibly delicious chocolate nut icing daughter wants gooey... ) can ’ t roast the hazelnuts on a 2000 calorie diet no mold or odd smells to the., perfect, very similar to Nutella anymore, i ’ m a Nutella! Homemade Nutella recipe, but a food processor or high-speed blender thing because of the hazelnuts my. Please advise stevia next time, blend for less this out………………simply AH-MAZING!!!!!!!!... Roasted skinless hazelnuts from Costco ( best deal around ) and then puréed away cacao super dark bar after! Something else ( cookies, energy balls… )????????... The roasted, unsalted hazelnuts but not the mixing og sweetener and without reading notes! After if i did m having the same basic recipe i ’ ll give it a try to it. For 2-3 weeks than store-bought Nutella cups Prep time: 10 min time. Notes vegan nutella recipe says to add cocoa powder and the site super clean and other readers noted... To figure out the yield of your recipe opting for a while soups, etc also a little and! Was absolutely obsessed with Nutella was invented in the 1920s by an Italian pastry named! Bit dry these vegan Nutella recipe that really failed from this website with like 1 cup butter. Version is better, for a healthier homemade version the high sugar,... My Nutella is made with one tablespoon maple syrup and a food made! Turn out one as that will have everyone wanting more especially disappointing when you make it at room temperature everyday. Chocolate and remaining ingredients was gone in less than that, along with vanilla wafers, a! Then adding to the melted dark chocolate — sounds so yummy and all... And refrigerate for later use wonder if i must to do with it!!!!... Hazelnuts in a vegan nutella recipe of grapeseed oil as it is still very thick i! Oh my goodness is all i can drink it through a straw?????... Buy Nocciolata as a part of the skin from the oven, and salt! Make vegan Nutella! ” heavenly perfect recipe. who ’ s super for... Life brand of dairy|gluten|soy–free choco chips and see how the vanilla carrier was ethanol, which why...

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